Lucknow, June 17: With the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections fast approaching, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is trying to play its cards well, as far as the issue of Kairana and the communal tensions between Hindus and Muslims goes. BJP MLA Sangeet Som from Sardhana, who was accused in the riots in Muzaffarnagar in 2013 before the 2014 general elections, will kick start a ‘Paidal Nirbhay Yatra’ today, with target 2017 in mind. The MP said that he was undertaking the ‘Yatra’ across western Uttar Pradesh, in order to try and make people feel secure.

Som, who will start his rally from Meerut and will end it in Shamli, said he wants to ‘instil confidence’ in people, who stay in fear due to the “communal atmosphere being created” by some political parties. The rally will last a week and is supposed to make people feel secure. He further assured that he will not let any untoward incident happen, during or after the rally. On Wednesday, an eight-member BJP delegation had visited Kairana, where allegedly large number of minority Hindu families have been forced to leave, due to terrorising by the members of a certain majority community. ALSO READ: Opposition MPs to visit Kairana, Kandhala in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday

The BJP delegation had targeted the Uttar Pradesh government for deteriorating law and order situation in the area, due to which over 300 Hindu families, living under fear of attack from goons, had to leave Kairana. The delegation also said that apart from the families who have already migrated, more people want to leave the village. Suresh Kumar, BJP spokesperson had said during a press conference after the visit, “The common man is not feeling safe and is helpless as he has no options but to live in an unsafe environment and the Uttar Pradesh government is fully responsible for this. Today I spoke with many people. The list which was released by Hukum Singh ji only included 346 families from Kairana and 83 of Kandla whwre as in real there are more people who have left the village and there are many more you are willing to do the same.”