New Delhi, Mar 1: Union Minister Kalraj Mishra today said the murder of a VHP leader in Uttar Pradesh was “tragic” and highlighted the poor law and order situation there but cautioned against “reactions which trigger violence and unrest”. Mishra’s remarks came in the backdrop of Union Minister Ram Shankar Katheria’s alleged inflammatory speech at a condolence meeting held for dalit Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Arun Mahaur, who was shot dead on Thursday.

Asked about Katheria’s comments, Mishra said: “The law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh is really bad, due to which neither the common man nor political leaders are safe. The murder of a VHP leader is tragic.

People have reacted (to it). We certainly don’t want reactions which trigger violence and unrest.” Under attack over his speech, Katheria today claimed he did not target any community. (Also Read: Protest at Jantar Mantar against Ram Shankar Katheria remarks)

Katheria, along with BJP MP from Fatehpur Sikri Babu Lal, had on Sunday attended a condolence meeting held for Mahaur, who was allegedly killed by some youths from another community in Agra on Thursday. At the meeting, Katheria had said: “This conspiracy that is being hatched against the Hindu community, we have to be be alert to recognize it and strengthen ourselves. We will have to fight it because if we do not do it now, today we have lost one Arun, tomorrow it could be another Arun…The killers should also go, we have to set such an example”.