Kamayani Express, a passenger train that connects Mumbai and Varanasi has derailed in Madhya Pradesh, according to reports. The tragedy is worsened by the fact that there could five bogies that have fallen into the Machak river. There is a lot of speculation the matter and the incident sounds extremely upsetting to believe but we wait for official confirmation on the incident.

The reports of the Kamayanai Express were pouring in when the news came that a second train, Janata Express has also derailed at the same spot. The railway spokesperson told the media that damage to the pillars of the railway bridge could be the reason for the derailing of two trains at the same spot.

According to NDTV, the Kamayani Express which was travelling from Mumbai to Varanasi has derailed sometime around midnight near the Kudawa railway station. The derailment of the train happened somewhere about 20 kilometres from Harda. The reported incident spot is about 161 kilometres south of Bhopal.

While crossing the railway bridge over the Machak river, five compartments of the Kamayani Express fell into the river. If the bogies were packed with registered passengers then as many as 360 people could be in harm’s way.

Another train has been sent with a specialized team of doctors and rescue workers to the site of the accident. The relief train also has nearly 100 people to aide in the process to help the passengers from the derailed bogies.