Kanpur, Aug 13: A hearing and speech impaired girl was allegedly sexually assaulted at her school in Rail Bazar police station area in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The girl’s mother informed the police after the school authorities refused to help her in identifying the accused. The incident came to light on Saturday when the minor victim refused to go to the school.

“Through actions, she informed us that she had been sexually assaulted at her school,” her mother said. The girl is a student of a non-government organisation (NGO) in Kanpur city.

It is not yet clear if the girl was assaulted in school or some other place as she is unable to speak, Station house officer, Rail Bazar, Manoj Raghuvanshi said. “The girl will be taken to school on Monday to identify the accused. The girl has been sent for medical examination,” he said.

This has come a few weeks after at least 24 girls were rescued from the shelter in Deoria after one of them, who had escaped on Sunday night, told the police that they were treated like servants by the shelter homeowners and were sexually assaulted by visitors. Following the revelation, the manager of the ‘Ma Vindhyavasini Mahila Prashikshan Evam Samaj Seva Sansthan’ and his wife have been arrested.

“The girl who escaped had been staying at the home for the last three years. She said they treated her like a servant. She also told us many girls were taken away in cars at night. They returned in the morning and cried through the day. Adoptions were also happening in an illegal manner here,” NDTV quoted Superintendent of Police Rohan P Kanay as saying.