Bengaluru: A family of five committed suicide by allegedly shooting themselves near Gundlupete in Chamarajanagar, ANI reported on Friday.

Police suspect financial losses in real estate to be the reason behind the suicide. According to sources, the father shot dead family and later shot himself last night.

A case has been registered into the matter.

In an earlier incident, at least seven members of a family committed suicide in Jharkhand’s Ranchi. The incident occurred in Kanke police station area. A probe was launched to ascertain what triggered the mass suicide. Sources said this family was that of a retired Army personnel.

In a similar incident which hit the headlines last year, 11 members of a family committed suicide in Delhi’s Burari. A probe was initiated which said that it was a mass suicide. A register recovered from the family’s residence had hinted at the possibility of some “spiritual practice” which went wrong. Apparently, 11 diaries were found that had been maintained over a period of 11 years and it revealed that the family was not expecting to die and thought that “the earth will shake” and “there will be thunder in the sky”, following which they will be saved. After the “ritual hanging”, everyone was supposed to untie each other. The police revealed that the financial condition of the family had improved and Priyanka had been engaged after a long struggle to find a suitable boy. The “ritual hanging” was supposed to be the final thanks to the spirits.