Bengaluru (Karnataka), Apr 24: The Congress party is likely to win a total of 91 seats while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is expected to manage with 89 seats in the Karnataka Assembly Election 2018, predicted an opinion poll survey. The state is likely to be heading to a hung assembly, the opinion poll suggested. No major political party will cross the magic mark of 112 and form a government in Karnataka.

In terms of numbers in the 224-member Karnataka assembly, the Congress is expected to win a total of 91 seats while the BJP may stay a little behind with two seats. Deve Gowda’s JD(S) is likely to bag 40 seats. If the tally is compared to the current numbers of the two parties in Karnataka, the Congress may suffer a loss of 31 seats while a gain of 49 seats for BJP.

In terms of vote share, Congress’ is likely to increase from the current 36.6 per cent to 38.6 per cent. BJP, however, will improve its tally by 5 per cent. BJP might improve its tally in coastal Karnataka. The Narendra Modi-led BJP is expected to increase its number from the current 5 to 8 in the 21 seats in coastal Bengaluru. The Congress, on the other hand, is most likely to lost two seats.

In greater Bengaluru, the Congress and BJP will gain as compared to the 2013 numbers, the opinion polls suggested. While the Congress will increase its tally by two seats, the BJP might gain only one from the current 12 seats out of the 35 seats. In central Karnataka, the BJP will perform better and gain at least 22 seats, the opinion poll said.

In the survey, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah emerged as the most popular for CM’s post in Karnataka Assembly Election 2018. Another such opinion poll suggested that Congress party would emerge as the single-largest party while the BJP may win between 78 and 86 seats in Karnataka.