New Delhi, May 15: As the BJP inches closer to emerging as the single largest party with a simple majority as well, voices raising doubts over the Karnataka Elections 2018 have started emerging from the rival camp. Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad spoke out against the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and hinted at how the election was probably rigged. Speaking to media on Tuesday, Azad said that senior BJP leaders had been spewing numbers; telling the country how many seats their party would win. He said he failed to understand how BJP leaders could still talk numbers when votes had been cast. “I do not understand how they (senior BJP leaders) are saying that 100-125, even 130 seats, would be in their kitty. Even BJP national president (Amit Shah) says 130-135 seats. We will come to know the results shortly. How can they be so sure?” Also Read - PM Hailing Farm Laws Shows Govt 'Drunk With Power' in Face of Protests: Congress

He went on to allude to foul play by saying, “Only someone who has indulged in some malpractice, be it rigging of the EVMs or some other means, can know for sure how many wins he will register. At best, we can speculate. We cannot say for sure. The surety with which the BJP speaks hints at some kind of malpractice.” Also Read - How Chirag Reacted After BJP Nominated Sushil Modi For Rajya Sabha Seat Won by His Father Ram Vilas Paswan

Echoing his sentiment was Congress leader Mohan Prakash. Prakash said, “I am saying from Day 1, there is no political party in India which has not raised questions on EVMs. Even the BJP has done it in the past. Now when all parties are doubting the EVMs, then what problem does the BJP have in conducting polls through ballot?” Also Read - Karnataka to Get New CM? State BJP Chief Clears Air

This is not the first time that a losing party has blamed the EVMs for their defeat. Last year, in UP Assembly elections, losing Samajawadi Party had alleged that the EVMs were rigged.