Bengaluru: Union Minister Ananthkumar Hegde’s controversial comments have led to his spat with Karnakata Pradesh Congress Committee chief Dinesh Gundu Rao on social media. (Also read: Hegde is ‘Nalayak’, Says Siddaramaiah)

The skills development minister had said, on Sunday, that “if a Hindu girl is touched by any hand, then that hand should not exist.” Hedge added, “We have to rethink about priorities of our society. We shouldn’t think of caste.”

At this, Gundu Rao asked him on Twitter as to what his achievements were for becoming a Union Minister or even an MP. “All I can say for sure,it’s deplorable tht such people have become ministers & have managed to get elected as MPs.”

Hegde tweeted in response, “I shall definitely answer this guy @dineshgrao’s queries, before which could he please reveal himself as to who he is along with his achievements?  I only know him as a guy who ran behind a Muslim lady.”

Gundu Rao’s wife is a Muslim. Responding to Hegde, he said, “To stoop to such low levels and make personal remarks, it shows the lack of culture. It’s demeaning not only of himself but also his office. I hope BJP leaders tell him and advise him to not speak like this.”

He added, “It’s very sad that he talks like this. It’s a very sad reflection on the type of people who hold top positions in this govt. He always uses provocative language. That’s probably what his party asks him to do.”