New Delhi, May 11: Saturday is the polling day in Karnataka. While campaigning officially ended on Thursday itself, there’s no stopping the social media cells of political parties which are making a last-ditch attempt to be heard by the electorate. The Congress has, in a series of tweets on Friday, claimed to nail each of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “lies” he spoke as he traversed the state while campaigning for his own party. Running as #EkAurJhoot, the thread has the Modi’s claims against what the Congress calls “Reality Check”. Also Read - 'If Kangana Ranaut Had Said She Took Drugs, NCB Should Conduct Probe', Says BJP Leader Pravin Darekar

The first one focuses on electrification. It reads, “The first casualty of PM Modi’s campaign speeches is the truth while history comes second. Here’s a thread exposing some recent ModiLies. Starting with electrification _ The truth behind PM Modi’s ‘electrifying claims’ will blow your mind.” Also Read - 'I Never Wear Mask, so What,' Says Madhya Pradesh Home Minister; Tempers Remarks After Drawing Fire | WATCH

The next tweet says that against Modi’s claim that “we have constructed toilets for girls in all schools,” the truth was that there were still 20,098 schools without toilets for girls, with the Bihar and Madhya Pradesh being at the bottom of the rung.

To the PM’s charge that the Congress government in Karnataka had done nothing for the farmers, the next tweet provides data in response. It says: “Loans of 68,548 lakh waived, benefiting 1,84,452 farmers; Drip irrigation to 48,302, benefiting 33,482 farmers; Krishi Aranya Protsaha Yojane saw a 122% rise in per tree incentive.” On the PM’s allegation that the Congress did not care about women’s safety, the latter said, “Our Govt in Karnataka has taken effective and innovative steps to ensure women’s’ safety in the state. The BJP, on the other hand, has awarded a ticket to a rape-accused. What does PM Modi have to say about the rising crimes against women in the BJP ruled states?”

It says that PM Modi might script history by goofing-up on historical facts. Refuting Modi’s claim that Dr Shyama Prasad Mookerjee had facilitated Dr Ambedkar’s entry to the Constituent Assembly, the next tweet says: “The original seat from which Dr Ambedkar  was elected to the Constituent Assembly was lost due to Partition. Dr Rajendra Prasad then wrote to the Prime Minister of Bombay, directing him to have Dr Ambedkar elected to the Assembly on a Congress ticket.”

Pointing at Modi’s charge that when freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh were in jail, none of the Congress leaders visited them, the next tweet says: “Using the names of freedom fighters for electoral benefits has been a characteristic of PM Modi’s poll strategies. Given his odd equation with history, it’s no surprise that he was unaware of Pt. Nehru’s visit to the Lahore Central & Borstal Jails to meet Bhagat Singh & others.”

Rubbishing Modi’s allegation that the Congress government did nothing to promote the culture of Karnataka, the Congress tweets: “It appears like PM Modi has never visited Karnataka except for electoral purposes. Described as ‘One State, Many Worlds’, Karnataka has made rapid strides in tourism sector. Our Govt has harnessed the tourism potential of the state to popularize its culture & diversity.”

To the comment that Bengaluru’s infrastructure was crumbling under the current government, the Congress tweets, “Namma Metro is the second largest metro network in the country; BMTC is the country’s best city bus transport company and Tender Sure roads built in the CBD are appreciated by the UN.”

Only time will tell how effective campaigning on social media has been in these elections. Voting for 222 seats will be held tomorrow while counting of votes would be completed on May 15.