New Delhi, May 12: The India Today-Axis My India, Aaj Tak Exit Polls 2018 Results predicted that the Congress will emerge as the single largest party in the Karnataka Assembly Elections 218 Results. While the Congress may win 106-118 seats, the BJP may get anywhere around 79-92 seats out of a total of 222 seats. The Congress party, as per the exit poll results, have the chances of crossing the half-way mark.

The polling began at 7 AM and will continue till 6 PM. The results of the single-phase Karnataka Assembly Elections will be declared on May 15. The counting of the votes will begin at 8 AM.

An opinion poll conducted by ABP had predicted that the Congress party would emerge as the single-party when the results of Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 will be announced on May 15. No party, the opinion poll predicted, would cross the magic mark of 112 and form a government in Karnataka. While the Congress party is expected to win a total of 97 seats in the 225 seat assembly, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may manage with 84, the poll survey said.

Earlier, another opinion poll had predicted that Congres will emerge as the single largest party but will still fall short of crossing the magic figure. The Congress party is likely to win a total of 91 seats while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is expected to manage with 89 seats in the Karnataka Assembly Election 2018, predicted an opinion poll survey. The state is likely to be heading to a hung assembly, the opinion poll suggested.