Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy announced his bold decision to introduce English as a medium of instruction in all government-run schools in the state. To ensure a smooth implementation of the decision, Kumaraswamy has planned to apply the English medium learning in 1,000 schools on an experimental basis. Also Read - Watch | English Teacher Fails to Read Textbook During Surprise Inspection in UP School

However, while announcing the significant move in the Budget, Kumaraswamy faced opposition with political parties divided over it. While the opposition BJP is totally against the move, the coalition partner Congress has expressed disapproval towards the decision. Taking a firm stand, Kumaraswamy said, “Some self-appointed custodians of Kannada language had come to me with a huge delegation opposing it. But I have decided to ignore them in the larger interest of the rural poor who need the knowledge of English. We can’t deprive them of the English language and the opportunities it opens up for them. More than 90% of those protesting have their children studying in English medium. I don’t bother about such things.” Also Read - Andhra Pradesh: English to Replace Telugu as Medium of Instruction in Schools From Next Academic Year

The Chief Minister ignored the opposition, considering their protests as meaningless and impractical. Justifying the decision, he said, “I know English. But sometimes even I am not confident. I fear that I might make grammatical errors. If that is my case, what about rural and urban poor children? They shouldn’t have to face the issues we are facing. It is my genuine concern.” Also Read - Bengaluru Court Issues Summons to Ex-CM Kumaraswamy in Illegal Denotification Case

The government has plans to send government school teachers abroad for training, similar to the Delhi model system, said Kumaraswamy. The plan to improve the quality of government-run schools was to beat the private schools, added the chief minister. Moreover, Rs 1,000 crore has been allocated by the state government towards the development of the infrastructure in the government-run schools.