Mumbai: While rebel Karnataka Congress MLA MTB Nagaraj assured his seniors he was back in the party fold, his other colleagues do not seem in a very forgiving mood. Congress MLA ST Somashekar told ANI on Sunday, “We won’t take our resignations back at any cost. K Sudhakar is in Delhi and he is also in our support, he may join us here in Mumbai anytime soon. BJP leader R Ashok has nothing to do with us, we are unaware as to why he is here.”Also Read - ‘Desi Silicon Valley’ Bengaluru or ‘HITEC Host Hyderabad’, Which City is Better Organised | The Twitter War

Earlier in the day, Nagaraj had returned to Mumbai from Bengaluru but BJP’s R Ashok accompanying him had raised many an eyebrow. Nagaraj was in Bengaluru on Saturday where senior party leaders like Siddaramaiah visited him and by evening, Nagaraj had come around. Or so he claimed. He said he had been with the party for a long time and so, he would continue. Also Read - This Telangana Minister Says Fuel Prices In India Can Be Lowered By 30 Per Cent. Complete Details Here

However, Somashekar’s comments don’t bode well for the grand old party even though DK Shivakumar had been confident that more rebel MLAs would be back.  Speaking to ANI, Shivakumar had said, “At the time of Confidence Motion, they’re also well-equipped with law. Law is very clear. If they vote against Confidence Motion, they’ll lose their membership. Congress party is ready to settle their demands. We’re getting signals that they’ll save our government.” Also Read - Congress’ DK Shivakumar Issues Apology To ‘To All Women of Karnataka…’ Over MLA's Rape Remark

He added, “I have confidence in all our MLAs. They have been elected from Congress party & they have been there for a long period. They have fought like tigers in their domain.”

The Congress, whose 13 of the 79 MLAs have already submitted their resignations from the Assembly, has moved about 50 MLAs to the resort.

Meanwhile, BJP state unit chief BS Yeddyurappa countered Shivakumar and said the Speaker could not disqualify MLAs for voting against the alliance government. He said, “The Speaker doesn’t have the right to disqualify anybody because of the Supreme Court’s decision.”