New Delhi: Not only does the BJP government intend to stop celebrating Tipu Jayanti, celebrated in November, but it will also rewrite history books to axe Tipu Sultan, the ‘tyrant’. “We are going to drop everything and we are also thinking to drop everything in the textbooks about him, ” Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said. In July, just three days after coming to power, the state cabinet decided not to celebrate Tipu Jayanti — a ritual started by the Congress government.


BJP MLA Madkeri Appachu Ranjan appealed to erase Tipu Sultan from history textbooks. Following this, Karnataka’s primary and secondary education minister Suresh Kumar wrote to the Text Book Society to convene a meeting withing three days and submit a report.

“We have all heard that the history taught in schools is not complete, and not completely the truth. We must first stop the earlier practice of glorifying Tipu Sultan in our school textbooks as we have been depicting his character without fully knowing about him. Tipu was out to expand his kingdom and to spread his religion; he never fought for independence” the letter read, as reported by News18.

Tipu Sultan was a ruler of the kingdom of Mysore which is now part of Karnataka. The Siddaramaiah government started observing Tipu Jayanti on November 10. The BJP was always against the celebration saying that there is no reason to glorify an anti-kannada and anti-Muslim figure like Tipu Sultan.