Kashmir attack: Is Modi government any different from the UPA government?Also Read - Stop Flights From Regions Witnessing New Omicron Variant: Kejriwal Urges PM Modi

For once Rahul Gandhi seems to be right. There is credence to Congress’ charge that the Narendra Modi-led NDA government is merely implementing the UPA government’s policies and there is no difference between the duo. Take for instance the Modi government’s reaction following the recent attacks by militants on army camp in Kashmir. Also Read - Planning Lockdown, Urging Flight Ban And Scaling up Testing: How Are Indian States Preparing to Combat Omicron 

PM Modi described the attacks as “desperate attempts” to derail the atmosphere of hope created by the high turnout in the first two phases of the elections. Home Minister Rajnath Singh slammed Pakistan for the serial terror attacks and demanded that it should stop these incidents. A total of 20 people, including eight army men, were killed and at least 11 injured on Friday in a string of brazen militant strikes at an army camp and a police checkpost in Kashmir’s Uri sector. Also Read - #UPSCExtraAttempt: Why Are Civil Service Aspirants Demanding Another Chance?

But what about hot pursuit? What about giving a befitting reply to the militants and their masters sitting across the border? Sorry to say, but all seems to be hogwash. It seems giving gyan while sitting in opposition benches is easy than implementing the gyan while in power. Home minister Rajnath Singh’s comments that Pakistan was giving shelter to terrorists and that it should answer for that, seems to be the cry of a vanquished. “If Pakistan can’t stop these incidents, they should speak to India about it,” he said.

Rajnath Singh and others should put their own house in order before offering advice to others. Pakistan will continue keep on fomenting anti-India hatred even if a solution to the Kashmir problem acceptable to the country was reached. Today it is Kashmir, tomorrow Afghanistan and day after it would be Baluchistan. If nothing else the country would foment trouble for India’s veto to give full membership to China in SAARC.

It seems the security forces were caught napping yet another time because of intelligence failure. In the backdrop of increased voter turnout during the first and second phase of polls in Jammu and Kashmir, it was inevitable that the militants would sit idle. Failure to act would have undermined the cause of the militants and their benefactors sitting across in Pakistan.

Holding talks with Pakistan cannot bring an end to militancy in Kashmir for several reasons. First, Pakistan has admitted that militancy is being carried out by non-state actors over whom it has no control. The claim is facile but it gives India the maneuvering room to deal with militants as it chooses fit.

Second, what are the chances of Pakistan being able to enforce its writ on the militants? What if the solution remains unacceptable to LeT and Hafiz Sayed? What are the chances of militants toeing Pakistan’s line and not raising the flag of rebellion?

Modi and company should walk the talk and give a befitting reply to Pakistan. Atleast to prove that it is different from the UPA government.