New Delhi: “Whatever will happen will not happen secretly. It will come to parliament and will be discussed,” said Jammu and Kashmir governor Satyapal Malik amid heightened speculation that the Centre might repeal Article 35A, which grants exclusive rights  to J&K residents in government jobs and land.  “Parliament is in session. It is to meet for 3-4 days. So, whatever will happen will not happen secretly. It will come to parliament and will be discussed. Wait till Monday or Tuesday,” Malik said while speaking to ANI.

Furthermore, he stated that neither the Prime Minister nor the Home Minister has hinted anything about any action in the state.  “Till today, I have no inclination, no information. I have talked to everybody in Delhi and nobody has given me any hint that they will do this or that. Somebody says it is trifurcation, Article 35A, 370. Nobody has discussed these with me, neither Prime Minister nor Home Minister,” Malik added.

The Jammu and Kashmir governor also said the government was not planning to take any “drastic” step concerning the state and blamed ‘some political parties’ for unnecessarily creating panic. “As far as my knowledge, there is no inclination that something is going to happen here. Everything is normal. Unnecessary panic is being created by people with vested interest and especially by some political parties. Nothing drastic is going to happen,” the governor stated.

Speaking on the state home department advisory which asked all Amarnath yatra pilgrims to return home immediately and cancelled the annual pilgrimage, Malik said,”We could have done it without the advisory. But it is our responsibility to ensure the security and safety of the tourists. You have seen the Pakistani weapons have been recovered.”

Earlier on Saturday, National Conference (NC) leader Omar Abdullah met Malik and sought clarity over the current situation in the Valley. Abdullah asked the Centre to issue a statement and clarify the reason behind curtailing Amarnath Yatra.

“Governor isn’t the final word on J&K. The final word is the Government of India. Therefore, on Monday, when Parliament starts functioning, Centre should give a statement on what was the need for the order to end Yatra and evacuate tourists. We want to hear it from the Parliament that there is no need for people to be afraid,” the NC leader stated.

Meanwhile, the prevailing security situation led over 6,200 passengers to fly out of the Srinagar International Airport on Saturday, a day after the Jammu and Kashmir administration issued a security advisory for tourists and pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra to curtail their pilgrimage.