New Delhi: A day ahead of the swearing-in, Delhi CM-designate Arvind Kejriwal has invited all minister-designates to the dinner to discuss a roadmap for the coming three months. The party is embarking on its third stint in the government with a renewed focus on Aam Aadmi as no special chief guest will be invited to tomorrow’s swearing-in ceremony, preparations of which are in full swing at the Ram Lila Maidan. 50 people have been identified as chief guests who are Delhi people, including heads of schools, teachers, peons of schools, safai karamchari, bus marshals etc.

The swearing-in has created a stir the moment AAP steered clear of politics and said that no CMs will be invited to the ceremony as it will be a Delhi-centric event. Elaborating on that, Sisodia said, “This is not a victory of politics. This is a victory of the dream and that dream belongs to the people of Delhi. They have been with us for the last five years. They will be with us in the coming five years as well. For example, the engineer who designed the Signature Bridge. He will be one of the chief guests of the event.”

Controversies: No woman in Cabinet?

Questions are being raised as to why the party won’t induct new faces which also dismisses the possibility of women, like Atishi, getting inducted into the Cabinet.

No Invitation to Anna Hazare

As Kejriwal reiterated that no people from outside Delhi are invited, Anna Hazare has not been invited to his swearing-in either. Anna Hazare was invited on the earlier occasion, but he never attended as it is believed that Anna and Kejriwal grew apart after Kejriwal joined politics stepping away from the crusade against corruption.