New Delhi: A first-year student of a technology institute in Kerala’s Idukki has been hospitalised after he was allegedly beaten up by his seniors for almost three hours. Recalling the brutal incident, the victim Athul Mohan (23) said that his seniors forced him to get out of the campus of DC School of Management and Technology.

“They asked me to hold a rod and a cell phone in one hand. Then they whacked me with sticks on that hand, threatening that neither the phone nor the rod should fall,” NDTV quoted Athul Mohan as saying.

However, when the phone fell from his hand, the gang started beating him for almost three hours. To escape ragging, Mohan lied to his seniors that suffer from fits.  “I told them that I get the fits. They somehow got to know that was a lie, and they beat me up severely,” he further stated.

After the incident, the boy was rushed to a hospital. The doctors said the victim has sustained severe injuries on his legs.

Meanwhile, police have registered against five students for allegedly thrashing Mohan. The principal of the college Dr Shankar Rajeev told NDTV, “The student has withdrawn his complaint, admitting it was an error of judgement on his part.”

However, the victim Mohan denied the allegation and the police have ensured that the complaint stands. A student of the college reportedly said, “We have paid money to study, not to be ragged. We have complained to the anti-ragging cell. We are being pressured to withdraw the complaint, but we won’t do so.”