Thiruvananthapuram, June 15: At least one person was left injured in low-intensity blast outside Kollam collectorate-cum-district court on Wednesday afternoon. The explosion took place right outside the collectorate. The explosives were reportedly present inside an old vehicle parked outside the premises. Also Read - Kerala Paying Price For 'Gross Negligence' During Onam: Harsh Vardhan on Easing Covid Restrictions For Festivals

The jeep in which the blast occurred is numbered KL – 1 G 603. It was found to be registered in the name of the Labour Commissioner. Also Read - Kerala Govt Terminates Services of 432 Medical Personnel For Unauthorised Leave For Years

According to preliminary investigation conducted by Kollam police, it was found that the explosion was pre-planned. Forensic team present on the spot claims it was a ‘steel pipe bomb’ explosion. The explosives material were fitted in a steel pipe, and were attached to the jeep from beneath. The jeep has been left in a dilapidated condition after the blast.

No suspect behind the blast could be ascertained as of now. The motive behind the blast is also unclear. More details are awaited in the case.

The injured person has been identified as Sabu, who was standing near the jeep at the time of explosion. He was present in the premises in connection to one of the cases going in the district court. The victim hails from nearby village Kundra.