New Delhi: An educational society in Kerala has issued a circular that bans all face-covering attires in college premises from the upcoming academic session of 2019-2020. The Muslim Educational Society (MES) on Apri 17, notified all 150 institutions that come under its ambit to follow the new directive. Also Read - Kerala Paying Price For 'Gross Negligence' During Onam: Harsh Vardhan on Easing Covid Restrictions For Festivals

The notification urges all students and teachers to follow the rule- though it does not explicitly mention burqas. Doubling down on rules adherence, the circular reads, “Institution heads and officer-bearers of the local management of the institutions should be vigilant.” Also Read - Kerala Govt Terminates Services of 432 Medical Personnel For Unauthorised Leave For Years

The circular also takes note of an earlier judgement passed by the Kerala High Court that said institutes had the fundamental right to establish their management norms. Also Read - Kerala Couple Trolled for Intimate 'Post-Wedding' Photoshoot

In a report by the Times of India, MES President Dr Fzal Gafoor was quoted as saying, “MES knows what is good and bad for the community.”

The circular reportedly reads, “MES that aims at the social and cultural progress of the Muslim community insist that the students, even while maintaining high standards in curricular and extra-curricular activities, do follow certain decorum in the dress code too. We should discourage all undesirable practices on the campuses… Under these circumstances, dresses that are unacceptable to the mainstream society – whether they are modern or religious – cannot be promoted.”

This move comes in wake of the Sri Lanka government banning women from wearing face-covering veils like burqa or niqab following Easter bombings in the country that killed over 263 people and injured nearly 500.

The Shiv Sena on Wednesday also called for a ban on the use of burqa while maintaining that the ban – something similar which the party has proposed in the past — “has already come in Ravana’s (Sri) Lanka, when will it be implemented in Ram’s Ayodhya — this is our question to (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi.”

“This work will require as much daring as a ‘surgical strike.’ The Sri Lankan President had done it by overnight banning burqa or veils or face-covers of any types in all public places. This is a work of great courage and restraint exhibited by (Sri Lanka) President Maithripala Sirisena,” lauded the Sena.

With IANS inputs