New Delhi: Renowned historian Ramachandra Guha, whose arrest during an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest in December made headlines, on Friday remarked that Kerala had made a mistake by electing a ‘fifth-generation dynast’ like Rahul Gandhi as an MP, adding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a ‘self-made man’ who ‘never goes holidaying in Europe.’ Also Read - Video | No One Knows Who He Is, Karnataka BJP Mocks Ramachandra Guha, Makes Fun of Vadras

Guha, notably, is a vocal critic of the Narendra Modi government. He was speaking at the Kerala Literature Festival in Kozhikode. Also Read - Watch | Historian Ramachandra Guha Detained in Middle of His Interview

Speaking at the event, Guha questioned why did the people elect the former Congress president to the Lok Sabha. He, however, clarified that he had nothing personal against Rahul, whom he called a ‘decent, well-mannered fellow.’

Rahul Gandhi contested last year’s general elections from Wayanad in Kerala besides his family bastion of Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi, which had sent him to the Parliament in 2004, 2009 and 2014. However, last year, he was defeated by BJP’s Smriti Irani but saved his Lok Sabha seat by winning from Wayanad.

“Young India doesn’t want a fifth-generation dynast,” Guha warned. “If Kerala makes the mistake of re-electing Rahul Gandhi in 2024 too, you are merely handing over an advantage to Narendra Modi because Narendra Modi’s great advantage is that he is not Rahul Gandhi,” he further observed.

Talking about the Prime Minister, whom he called ‘self-made,’ the historian said that having governed a state (Gujarat) for 15 years, Modi had administrative experience. He also took a jibe at Rahul’s repeated foreign holidays, saying, ‘in all seriousness,’ that unlike the Wayanad MP, the Prime Minister is incredibly hard-working and ‘never takes holiday in Europe.’