New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal from Vijayapura created quite a stir after he said that the tragic Kerala floods occurred because cows are slaughtered in the open in the state. Speaking to the media at an event in Viajayapura on Saturday, Yatnal said, “In Kerala, people openly slaughter cows. What happened? Within a year, a situation like this (flood) arose. Whoever hurts the Hindu religious beliefs will face such consequences.” Also Read - Must Watch | After 'Kamal, Kamal', BJP Leader's Breathless 'Corona Corona' Chant Goes Viral

Yatnal was actually referring to the incident wherein a group of men slaughtered a cow in the open last year and created quite a controversy. He said that Hindus were sentimental regarding cows and people should not hurt the religious beliefs of others. Also Read - AAP MLA Raghav Chadha Claims UP CM Yogi Adityanath Getting Migrants 'Thrashed'; Cops Register FIR

The BJP MLA known for making controversial remarks also added that if BJP came to power in Karnataka, slaughtering of cows will stop. Last month, he said that had he been the home minister, he would have had the intellectuals shot dead as they worked for the human rights of the terrorists instead of soldiers. Also Read - Madhya Pradesh: 22 Rebel Congress MLAs Join BJP, Day After Kamal Nath's Resignation as Chief Minister

This isn’t the first controversial tweet with regard to Kerala floods. A self-styled godman Chakrapani Maharaj had appealed to people to help only those who do not eat beef. Maharaj had said, “I am also appealing for help in Kerala. But help should be given to those who respect nature and creatures. When roti was available to people in Kerala, they were slaughtering the cow to eat her meat. So, what I mean is that Hindus should provide help to those who avoid cow meat.”

Responding to Maharaj’s statements, Team Kerala Cyber Warriors on Friday hacked the website of Hindu Mahasabha- and put up a picture of the “Kerala Spicy Nadan Beef Curry” and also its recipe with a message for “Chakrapani psycho”. The message read, “We respect people for their character and not their food habits.”

In yet another incident, a man named Rahul Cheru Palayattu, who worked as a cashier with the Lulu Group International in Oman and hailed from Kerala himself, in his controversial comment on Facebook, reportedly mocked the sanitation requirements of flood victims in Kerala. He was later fired from his company.