New Delhi: With the rains abetting and the water level coming down, flood-hit Kerala now facing the gigantic task of rehabilitation and reconstruction, which also includes cleaning-up of wells, plumbing and electrical works.

The task is not just daunting but will also prove to be a costly one as demand for well-cleaners, plumbers and electricians has increased several times.

According to a Times of India report, cleaning of wells, which have been filled up with sludge, can cost up to Rs 15,000 reach.

The report cited a Konnamthai native, who usually cleans at least 40 wells every summer, saying that it is unwise to clean wells before summer as “the sand would be wet and they could collapse”.

Meanwhile, Sanoj Joseph, an electrician at Udayamperoor, said that electrical repair works for an inundated three-bedroom house could cost up to Rs 20,000.

He said that while cheaper products could be used to cut down the cost, but if the house owner chooses opts for better and branded materials, the prices will shoot up.

Joseph added that such services cannot be offered for free as it is their job and they have to support their family too.

On the other hand, several organisations have been planning to provide free services as well. For instance, Fixall, an online platform for providing handymen services, including plumbing, electrical works, masonry, and refrigerator repair, among other things, has been preparing to pitch in.

According to the Disaster Management State Control room, 231 people have lost their lives and 32 are missing in flood-related incidents since August 8.

Nearly 14.50 lakh people from 3.91 lakh families are still in about 3,879 relief camps across the state.

The largest number of people in relief camps was in the worst-affected Ernakulam district with a total of 5.32 lakh in 850 camps.

More than 3,000 squads under health and local self-government departments have started the process of cleaning houses and public places, official sources said.