Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Governor P Sathasivam on Republic Day said protests and frequent hartals only disrupt normal life and lower the image of the state. He thereafter pitched in for rebuilding the state which had been marred by narrow politics and devastated by the last year’s floods.

“The state needs a sincere political unity in deciding the areas that deserve priority in rebuilding,” said Sathasivam while appreciating the central and state governments for taking up various development works.

“At a time when the economic, social, environmental, cultural, political and even psychological impact of the floods remains difficult to measure, what we need is united action that avoids unnecessary controversies. We also need to ask ourselves how we could afford to allow violent protests and frequent hartals that disrupt normal life and lower the image of our state,” the Governor said.

He further praised the state’s youth and the fishermen who along with the police and defence forces took part in the rescue operations during the floods and said the united response of the state during the flood was a role model for the whole country.

“From our experience, we are aware that the adversity could also be a strong unifying force as was evident in our people’s response to the floods that devastated our state economy.

“I am proud that the strong will of our people and our united response to the flood was a model for the whole country,” he said.

Recalling the united efforts put in by all sections of people and the district administration, expecting nothing in return, at the time of the floods, the Governor said the state even skipped Onam celebrations. He also hailed Centre’s various policies at the national level to “promote equality and social justice”.

“India’s economic progress in recent years under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi testifies the success of our policies that followed the mantra of ‘Reform, perform and transform’,” Sathasivam said.

Sathasivam also lauded Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and said the state was focusing on building infrastructure which would quicken the pace of development. “Kerala’s initiatives in gender budgeting, transgender policy, increased welfare pensions, interventions in health and education have won nation-wide appreciation.

As the first state in the country to launch the e-health project, we could suggest e-blue print for India’s futuristic digital health system. We could also put in place a monitoring system for organ donation,” he said. Sathasivam also said that after introducing over 40,000 smart classrooms in the state schools, Kerala focused its attention on improving the quality of the colleges through the regular system for accreditation.