Trivandrum: Kerala nun, Lucy Kalapura who challenged the Franciscan Clarist Congregation’s decision to expel her, has written to the Vatican seeking an opportunity to present her case directly to Pope Francis.

In her letter, she has alleged that the disciplinary action was taken for participating in protests by a group of nuns seeking arrest of Franco Mulakkal, accused of raping a fellow nun. Further, she also sought an opportunity to her to appear in person before a tribunal which would consider her appeal against the Congregations decision.

This is not the first time she has made an appeal to the Vatican regarding her expulsion. On October 17, The Congregation for the Oriental Churches in Vatican had dismissed Sister Lucy’s first appeal challenging the Franciscan Clarist Congregation’s decision to expel her for “failing to give a satisfactory explanation for her lifestyle in violation of FCC laws”.

However, it allowed her to present a new recourse to the Supreme Tribunal of the Segnatura Apostolica in Vatican.

Expressing happiness, she writes in her letter, “I am deeply obliged for providing me the opportunity for a further appeal to the Supreme Tribunal of the Signatura Apostolica. It is desired, in this connection, that an opportunity be granted to me to appear in person before the Tribunal to enable me to present to its honourable members my side of the situation. It is requested, further, that I be granted an opportunity to present my case to Pope Francis, whom I venerate and in whose sense of justice I have absolute faith.”

In August this year, Kalapura was expelled by the FCC after she took part in a protest by nuns belonging to Missionaries of Jesus Congregation, seeking the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

Bishop Mulakkal, a senior member of the Roman Catholic clergy in India, was arrested last year following allegations by a nun that he repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted her at the Kuravilangad convent between 2014 and 2016, a charge denied by him.