Thiruvananthapuram, Mar 19: Kerala parliamentarian Jose Mani’s wife has stirred the hornet’s nest with her #MeToo story in her recently published book. While Nisha Jose has not named anyone in her story, Shone George, son of a legislator, has filed a police complained against her, claiming that the story alludes to him. Also Read - Just Like a Book? YouTube Rolls Out New Feature Where Videos Are Organised by Chapters

In her book, ‘The Other Side Of This Life — Snippets From My Life As A Politician’s Wife’, Nisha has narrated an incident way back in 2012 in which she was harassed by a fellow traveller on a train. She said the man kept talking to her despite her pleas that she wanted to retire for the night. She went on to say that he  touched her feet “accidentally 3-4 times”. To all those who might question her for talking about the incident now, after all these years, she said only she would know what she went through. She also said that a man sitting next to a woman late on a train journey, despite having his own seat, cannot accidentally be touching her feet because if he did so, he would apologise. She said she went onto complain to the ticket examiner who told her that the two of them were political friends and that if the man was his father’s son, she should keep quiet. Also Read - Moved By Migrant Workers' Plight, 5-Year-Old Girl Sells Self-llustrated Book Online to Raise Funds

Shone George, who is a legislator’s son, has filed a police complaint, asking for Nisha to name the man. He said even if Nisha hasn’t named him, people were suspecting him ever since the book came out. He demanded a probe and was also mulling suing Nisha for defamation. Also Read - Book on Virat Kohli's Success Slated to Release Soon