New Delhi, Sept.29: Professor Pritam Singh, a Padma Shri Awardee, has observed that knowledge economy leaders of today must be warriors ready to win corporate wars or else perish. Singh was delivering the 8th annual Distinguished Leader Lecture organised by Jagannath International Management School ( JIMS) of Vasant Kunj and Kalkaji here. Beginning by establishing the need for proactive leadership in the country and attributing it to the recent churn of political events, he mentioned qualities for a great leader and cited Mahatma Gandhi as an example of a thought provoking leader.(Also Read: Congress leader Anand Sharma seeks white paper on Indian economy)

He also discussed about his forthcoming book ‘Leadership Odyssey: From Darkness to Light’, where he collected data from over 500 students.He also said companies need to be built in a manner that their succession is taken care of.He urged students to acquire new skills of ‘warriorship’ since the new corporate environment is more like a war zone.Students should have a ‘Himalaya Lakshya’ or an aim like the Himalayas, be karmayogis, be devoid of Ahankaar or pride and also be by the side of truth to be true leaders.

He warned the students about the evil of arrogance and how it could kill a leader. He asked students to broaden their vision, because vision is often equated with the person himself. The students were asked to reflect upon their contribution towards the country.The corporate world is ruthless and every day is like a test. So students must be prepared for new challenges every day. He urged educators to inculcate appreciation for poetry and theatre so that leaders think from heart and not the brain. He also asked leaders to keep those people around them who ask questions.