New Delhi: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has again come out in support of his West Bengal counterpart, Mamata Banerjee, as she continues her dharna over CBI action on Kolkata Police chief Rajeev Kumar.

Addressing media, Naidu said, “We’re all together to save this country and protect democracy. There’s an attack on democratic institutions. A month before elections, they went to the Commissioner of Police and harassed him. It’s totally undemocratic.”

Defending Banerjee for allegedly blocking BJP leaders from holding rallies in the state, Naidu said, “Nobody is blocking anybody. If you behave vulgarly, then they have to attack. Even they have gone to Andhra Pradesh but they’re talking as they please. Then I’ve to attack, I have to use the same language.”

Meanwhile, since the Opposition has been talking against the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) during the coming Lok Sabha elections, Naidu addressed that issue as well and wondered why it is assumed that EVMs are fool-proof. “Any electronic device is vulnerable. Anybody who wants to manage them, they can. That’s why all over the world, people have gone for paper ballot. Most developed countries, like Singapore and America, are going for paper ballot. Why are you hesitant to go for it?”

On Monday, Naidu had said that the Opposition would be holding discussions to draft an action plan on a nation-wide movement.

Naidu and Banerjee have backed each other ever since the former began meeting Opposition leaders to stitch together a grand alliance. In fact, Banerjee followed Naidu’s suit in withdrawing ‘general consent’ to the CBI to conduct raids and carry out investigations in the state.

Before that, Banerjee had backed the Andhra Pradesh’s CM move saying, “He (Chandrababu Naidu) has done the right thing in saying he wouldn’t allow CBI in his state. The BJP can be ‘note changer’, but it’s not a game changer.”