Kolkata, Apr 5: The Kolkata police has recovered the body of an elderly woman, who died two years ago, from the refrigerator of her residence at Behala area. Reportedly, the incident has been reported from 25 SN Chatterjee Road.

According to a report, the body of Bina Majumdar was kept preserved at home by her son Subhabrata Majumder (46), a meritorious student of Leather Technology, after she died in 2015. He also managed to get a living certificate for his mother and has been withdrawing her pension of Rs 50,000 per month from the bank.

Bina, who was a government employee, was sick and had to be hospitalised where she died, her neighbours were quoted as saying in a media report which also claims that Subhabrata was asked to take such a step by his father Gopal Majumder. He reportedly believes that Bina could to brought back to life.

During investigation, the police recovered several containers of different chemicals which were used to preserve the body. The intestinal parts from the body are said to be missing and it is believed that they were removed before the mummification to avoid the stench.

The police carried out the search operation at Subhabrata’s residence after receiving a tip-off. During the operation, the police have recovered an identical freezer after which speculations are rife that it might have been bought by Subhabrata to preserve his father’s body after his death.

Meanwhile, the police have detained Subhabrata and his father for questioning.