New Delhi: In a harrowing incident reported from Rajasthan’s Kota, a six-month-old baby boy who was found dead in his house water tank on Sunday, was allegedly drowned by his mother, new reports claim.

The body was found floating in the rooftop water tank of his house in the Swaraswati colony under Borekheda police.

According to reports, the infant’s mother was fast asleep when her slumber was interrupted due to the six-month-old’s wailing in the night. She then got up and took him to the second floor of their three-storey house, drowned him in the water tank and went back to sleep.

A report in the Times of India reads that the woman confessed to her crime and explained that she did not realise how she murdered her son and then went back to sleep.

Reportedly, the accused did not say anything even when her husband found their son missing and raised an alarm. She then got along with the family members and started to look for the infant.

It was the grandmother who found the baby’s body inside the water tank.

As of now, no history of mental illness or any psychological disorder has been found in the case for the accused.

The woman has been booked under Section 302 for murdering her son.