New Delhi: The fatal plane crash in Kozhikode, in which 18 people dies, including two pilots, has led to several speculations but none of them individually holds water so far. A probe has been ordered and Union civil aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri has urged people to not jump into any conclusion. Also Read - Indian Airlines Seeking Interest-free Credit Line of at Least USD 1.5 Billion: Aviation Minister Puri

So, what exactly happened on fateful August 7? Also Read - No Service in Containment zones, Only Asymptomatics Allowed: Centre Issues SOPs on Metro Services

1. The plane could not land on the designated runway. Also Read - Govt Should Not Run Airports, Airlines; Hopeful of Privatising Air India This Year, Says Puri

2. After making attempts to land, it flew up to at least 8,000 feet.

3. Reports said it dumped fuel midair so that the weight of the plane reduces and it can land easily.

4. Next time, the pilot himself wanted to land on the runway where the mishap took place.

5. The Air Traffic Control informed him the wind speed, visibility etc. It was raining, the wind speed was higher than normal. Visibility was around 2,000 metres.

6. The pilot asked whether he could land. The ATC said, ‘Clear to land’.

7. The plane came down but its wheels did not touch the runway, which is unnatural. It flew over the runway.

8. There was no Mayday call from the pilot.

9. The plane was out of the radar for a few seconds.

10. It overshot the runway, fell into the valley and got split into two.

Reports said there was enough fuel in the aircraft. It is not clear whether the pilot could not see the runway because of the rain, which can only explain the massive air crash.