New Delhi, Dec 25: Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Mohammad Faisal on Monday claimed that Kulbhushan Jadhav is in healthy condition. Faisal also showed the medical certificates of former Indian Navy officer which stated that Jadhav has no signs of any illness. Jadhav is a retired Indian officer who was awarded capital punishment by a military court.
The Indian government has claimed that Jadhav was abducted from Iran and Pakistan’s security agencies showed his arrest from Balochistan for allegedly involving in terror activities. After 22 months of his detention, Jadhav met his mother and wife in Islamabad on Monday.
Full Text of Mohammad Faisal’s statement
Ladies & Gentlemen thank you for being here today. This is a very important day for Pakistan, being the birth anniversary of the Father of the nation, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  It was in this light that this day was chosen for the humanitarian meeting of Commander Jadhav with his wife and mother.  Today is also Christmas and our best wishes go to our Christian friends in Pakistan and all around the world.
 As you are aware the meeting of the wife and mother of Commander Jadhav has just ended.
 Commander Jadhav, an Indian spy, a terrorist and a saboteur is a serving Indian naval officer sentenced to death for his involvement in espionage, terrorism and subversive activities against Pakistan. He conducted these activities especially in Balochistan and Sindh Provinces.  He confessed about his condemnable actions before a Judicial Magistrate and court.
He also stated that he was tasked by the Research Analysis Wing (RAW), the Indian intelligence agency, to plan, coordinate and organize espionage, terrorism and sabotage aiming to destabilize and wage war against Pakistan. He made every effort to impede the efforts of the Law Enforcement Agencies and was eventually caught red handed. During his trial at the Field General Court Martial, he was provided a defending officer as per the law of the land.
 In his mercy petition to the Chief of Army Staff on compassionate grounds, in June 2017, he again admitted his involvement in espionage, terrorist and subversive activities against Pakistan and expressed remorse at the resultant loss of precious innocent lives and damage to property.
He has admitted of involvement in the assassination of SSP Aslam Chaudhry in Karachi.  He has also confessed to targeting various workers of FWO, who were conducting different construction activities, in Balochistan and many IED attacks which were carried out in Quetta, Turbat and other cities, especially in Balochistan.  He supported TTP and other groups, especially in the attacks on the Mehran Naval Base, various Radar installations and the Sui gas pipeline.  All these were directly sponsored by RAW.  Let us be very clear that Commander Jadhav is the face of Indian terrorism, especially in Pakistan.
 India was provided with a copy of the passport that was in the possession of Commander Jadhav, when he was apprehended. The passport bears a Muslim name, Hussein Mubarak Patel which clearly is not Commander Jadhav. India has been unable and unwilling to provide an explanation abouthow and why an authentic Indian passport was used on a false ID, not once but at least 17 times, as Commander Jadhavtravelled in and out of India. Indian silence is telling.
 Upon completion of investigations and the trial, Pakistan offered to India that the wife of Commander Jadhav may visit to meet him.  We received an Indian request that the mother of Commander Jadhav may also be permitted to meet him and a diplomat of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to accompany the ladies.
Kulbhushan Yadav's medical certificate

Kulbhushan Yadav’s medical certificate

The request was considered in Pakistan and it was granted. The diplomat was present during the meeting and he could see Commander Jadhav.  He was not allowed to speak or listen to the conversation of Commander Jadhav with this wife and mother.
 Pakistan wanted the wife and mother of Commander Jadhav to speak to the media, here in this hall, today. This would have included the Indian media, as well. We had formally proposed this to India.  This was done in the spirit that Pakistan has nothing to hide and like all of you seeks answers to many questions that remain unanswered.
However, the Indian side requested that they wanted to avoid media interaction.  Hence, I speak today without the presence of the mother and wife in due deference to the Indian request.
Kulbhushan Yadav's Medical Certificate

Kulbhushan Yadav’s Medical Certificate

 To reiterate, let me be very clear that Pakistan permitted the request by India purely on humanitarian grounds.
 The visit was allowed in line with Islamic practices and teachings. Islam is THE religion of peace and advocates mercy. It is a gesture of good faith and compassion.  Commander Jadhav’s actions at Indian behest have deprived many mothers of their sons and daughters. Pakistan upholds the Islamic morals and values which teach mercy, grace and compassion for all.
One good deed should beget another.
Such decisions should serve as templates for others to follow, including in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir where innocent blood continues to be spilled.