New Delhi, May 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team might be celebrating two years in the at the centre on Thursday, but the all is not that sweet for the Bharatiya Janata Party as it is might look. Opposition leaders like Kumar Vishwas has asked some tough question to the governing style of saffron brigade and the controversies associated with the government including intolerance debate, JNU row, Dadari lynching and others.

Sharing the stage with Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma at a talk show in a media channel, Vishwas took a jibe at Sharma’s tall claim when he said that during the last two years of NDA government, not a single case of graft took place and there is a sense of trust among the people of India. Vishwas suggested Sharma that his party should do introspection and think what wrong they have done in last two years. ALSO READ: After Kumar Vishwas’ ‘Ek Nasha’, Arvind Kejriwal sings in new AAP promotional song for Punjab (Watch Video)

Alleging that BJP does not believe in Unity, but One-sided unity approach. With his powerful grab on words, Vishwas tore apart the claims of the Union Ministers of nationalism and said that what BJP is propagating is ‘pseudo nationalism’ and even the leader who are preaching the lessons of so-called nationalism are ill-read and have no knowledge about the origin of word ‘Rashtra’ (nation).

Targeting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vishwas also expressed his sadness that Modi does have 20.2 million followers, but he follows people who are ill-mannered and abuse women. Recalling one of the visit of Modi to Japan where he gifted the sacred Gita, the Aam Aadmi Party leader felt surprised that how come a Prime Minister of India hurt secularist people of country by gifting the national book to some one! He also asked what is wrong in being secular leader?

Concluding his debate, he questioned the functioned and the alleged narrow mindedness of the saffron party in handling the controversial and sensible issues like Dadri lynching, JNU row, intolerance debate, artists’ murder, Rohith Vemula suicide and several others. Firing issues after after issues, Vishwas did not give time to the party leader even to clarify. Have a look at this interesting video.