New Delhi, May 2: Parentune, India’s most trusted parents’ network recently conducted a survey amongst its community about sex education for children & on the issue of privacy of the child-victim’s identity in a child-abuse case. In lieu of recent horrific events that have unfolded amongst daily incidents of grave violence and criminal sexual conduct against children, the survey looks at the issue from a parent’s perspective.Also Read - Pakistan Parliament Approves Chemical Castration of Habitual Rapists

As India’s most trusted and the only such verified parents’ community, Parentune conducted the survey amongst its members highlighting a number of issues including the right to privacy as a child victim, the current state of sex-education & awareness about sexual misbehavior, good touch and bad touch amongst others. Also Read - Gujarat Shocker: Man Arrested For Raping 3 Minor Girls, Killing One Of Victims in 10 Days 

Some of the statistics show that while the problem is rampant, parents wait till the child turns 12, to educate their child about sex. While 37% of parents would want to talk to their child about sex before they turn 12, it highlights that parents hesitate about basic sex-education at home for their wards. The survey results show a meagre of 36% of parents ever addressing the issue till their child is 12. Also Read - Delhi Shocker: 6-year-old Girl Raped, Hospitalised in Critical Condition; Accused Yet to be Identified

Speaking on the results of the survey, Nitin Pandey, CEO & Founder, Parentune was quoted saying, “ Parentune is committed to supporting each parent through their parenting journey. This particular issue is a mainstay challenge for each parent and hence we wanted to understand & support parents. We shall continue to do focused initiatives on parentune to increase awareness, reduce hesitation, taboo and support parents in coaching their child about good touch-bad touch from an early age. We believe that by doing so they would take some must-do-steps to keep their child protected from the harm’s way. We shall do this survey periodically to find and share the progress on awareness and action among parents.”

The issue of privacy and protection of the child victims identity is something that found resonance with most parents, with 63% of parents believing that the child-victim’s identity should not be revealed without the parent’s consent. This highlights the parents’ perspective and voice on this issue when some media & social media had gone ahead disclosing the identity of the child-victim without any prior consent from the child’s parents.