New Delhi: The step to retreat army from LAC that China took recently was a result of all-round pressure that India had mounted on it. Whether to answer China in its own language or to prepare a plan to defeat it by initiating talks with Trump, India has taken decisive steps under PM Modi to counter the neighbouring country in Ladakh.Also Read - Ladakh Standoff: High-level Talks Between Militaries of India And China Likely on June 6

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From the time the Ladakh dispute has started, China was engaged in military exercises along LAC with India. China’s media has released pictures in which the Chinese army was engaged in the preparations for war with India. But what happened suddenly that forced the army to retreat? PM Modi’s strategy is believed to be the main reason behind the move of China to retreat its army from LAC. Also Read - India-China Ladakh Standoff: 'Situation Stable And Controllable, All Channels Open For Talks,' Says Beijing

PM Modi’s ‘masterstroke’ number 1: Issue raised with Donald Trump

Being China’s enemy number 1, the US is trying to surround the country from all sides. China never wanted the US to come in the dispute with India and take advantage of it. The issue of a border dispute that was raised in the conversation between PM Modi and Donald Trump was not acceptable to China at all.

Trump had also talked about mediation offer earlier. When China had turned down and still when China was asked about the conversation between Modi and Trump, the country gave a clear message that it did not approve of America’s intervention.

A spokesman at the China’s Foreign Ministry said that the situation is now under control on the border. China and India have adequate mechanisms to solve such problems. “We can solve this by negotiation. No third party is needed,” China said.

PM Modi’s ‘masterstroke’ number 2: Responding to China in its own language

China was steadily increasing military strength near the LAC in Ladakh, and as soon as this news came out, India immediately deployed 5000 troops along the LAC. The Indian government made it clear that if the matter is not resolved through diplomacy and negotiations, then other options are also ready. On seeing such preparation and aggression, China came to understand that India won’t bow down before it.

PM Modi’s ‘masterstroke’ number 3: India resolute on its decisions

China was in constant strive to move forward in Ladakh and India on the other side was constantly facing it. China hoped that under pressure, India would stop construction on its LAC. But India made it clear that neither work will stop nor will it bow under any kind of pressure from China. On the other side, China also did not expect this aggressive attitude of India. When China began to feel that the matter could now go out of hand, different statements started coming from that side, in which there was a need to hold talks of negotiation.

PM Modi’s ‘masterstroke’ number 4: Leading from the front

As tensions with China increased, PM Modi himself came forward and reviewed the situation by meeting with top military officials, which gave a clear and strong message to China. Not only this, to resolve the dispute, PM Modi also interacted with his own Doklam team who had resolved another dispute that time.

The same move of PM Modi overwhelmed China and after being under pressure from all sides, little improvement in China’s move has been noticed as the country has forced its army to retreat.