New Delhi, April 10: It’s been days since Congress President Rahul Gandhi said there that surname of Modi symbolised a nexus with crony capitalism. Speaking at his party’s plenary session almost a month ago, Rahul was taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sharing his surname with former IPL chief Lalit and PNB bank scam prime accused Nirav. While the Prime Minister has refused to react to the attack, Lalit Modi has clearly taken umbrage to what Rahul was hinting at.

In an Instagram post, Lalit said that suddenly Rahul felt that all Modis were cheats whereas it was his family that knew how to loot public money. Posting old pictures of his own family with Rahul’s great grandfather (India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru) and his grandmother (Indira Gandhi), Lalit said his family had played an active role in nation-building. He challenged the Congress chief to a debate on any channel.  He said he accepted he was born with a “diamond spoon in my mouth” but that was because of his grandfather’s hard work. He said he had done his bit for the country too, with IPL. Questioning Rahul’s contribution, Lalit said in his post that he would be happy to discuss his credentials vis-a-vis those of Rahul. He said while the world knew what he had achieved, he wondered why Rahul was in the position that he had. And then, Lalit pointed out, it was because of Rahul’s famous surname of Gandhi.