New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the SCO-CSTO Outreach Summit on Afghanistan and said the land should not be used to spread terrorism in any country and the SCO Member Nations should develop strict norms over this issue. He also added that the steps must be tales as almost all the countries have been victims of terrorism.Also Read - Taliban Ask Officials Not to Carry Out Public Executions Unless Directed by 'Top Court'

“All countries have been victims of terrorism, so together we should ensure that the land of Afghanistan is not used to spread terrorism in any country. SCO Member Nations should develop strict norms over this issue,” PM Modi said. Also Read - Taliban Intimidation Causing School Attendance Rates to Remain Low

Saying that the neighbouring nations like India have been mostly affected by the chain of events that are taking place in Afghanistan, PM Modi said the regional focus and regional cooperation are very important in this context. Also Read - PM Modi Launches 7 New State-Run Defence Companies, Says They Will Become a Global Brand

“The recent developments in Afghanistan can lead to an increase in the trafficking of illegal arms, drugs and human trafficking,” he highlighted.

He added that the member countries need to focus on 4 main issues. “1st, the change in power in Afghanistan is not inclusive. It happened without negotiations. This raises questions over acceptance of the new system. The representation of women, minorities and all sections of Afghan society is essential,” PM Modi stated.

PM Modi also said that for this reason, it is essential that the global community take a decision on the recognition of the new system, collectively and with proper deliberation. He went on to say that on this matter, India supports the central role of the United Nations.

“If instability and fundamentalism continue in Afghanistan, terrorist and extremist ideologies will be encouraged across the world. Other extremist organisations might get the encouragement to grab the power through violence,” PM Modi added.

PM Modi also added that India has been Afghanistan’s trusted partner for development and humanitarian help. “We’ve contributed in every sector -infrastructure, education, health and capacity building- in all parts of Afghanistan. Even today, we’re willing to send food material and medicines to our Afghan friends,” he added.