New Delhi, July 27: A lawyer has threatened legal action against TMC Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien. said media reports on Friday. Lawyer Prashant Patel, who was also instrumental in getting 21 AAP MLAs disqualified in Office of Profit case, has said on Twitter that he would take action for being called ‘hate-monger’ by O’Brien. He tweeted: “I’m called ‘India’s most hatred spreading monger’ by @derekobrienmp in Rajya Sabha Today, In the name of Parliamentary immunity, He can’t damage my reputation. I will take legal action.”

A member of the Hindu Legal Cell, Patel had earlier taken legal action against actor Aamir Khan, filmmaker Raju Hirani, and student activist Kanhaiya Kumar. His FIR against Khan and Hirani for their film PK whereas he filed an intervention in the Supreme Court when Kumar sought bail and also filed a complaint against former CBFC chief Leela Samson.

As far as O’Brien’s outburst was concerned, he had said in Rajya Sabha on Thursday, “It is a party (BJP) that came to power in 2014 and created the culture of digital mobs, it is a party that came to power in 2014 and used the social media to condition their minds, it is the party that came to power in 2014 and has made fake news their master hobby.”

According to DNA, the TMC leader had drawn flak for naming one Twitter user and calling him a troll. The user tweeted in response, “After these wild & nasty allegations by @quizderek, I feel threatened as a common man. Parliament should protect common men, not scare them.”