New Delhi: People across the country will be able to witness the celestial wonders of Leonid Meteor Shower between midnight and the break of dawn on November 17 and November 18. Also Read - Leonid Meteor Shower 2017: How And When To Watch This Week’s 'Shooting Stars' Celestial Phenomenon

As the Leonid meteor shower will be more in the northern hemisphere, it will be visible even to the naked eyes in India. As per updates, the Leonid meteor shower is making appearance from November 6 to 30 this year.

Believed to be originated from the comet Tempel-Tuttle, the Leonids take 33 years to complete one revolution around the Sun.

According to updates, as many as 10-15 meteors will be visible each hour during the peak of the Leonid meteor shower in Indian sky. These meteor showers will be best viewed under clear skies. And cloudless and moonless lights also enable better viewing.

This Leonid Meteor Shower happens when cosmic debris, mostly the remains of comets, passes through the Earth which is on its way to complete its journey around the Sun. These meteors are the remnants of a trail of rocks and ice left behind by massive chunks of matter we know as comets. These Leonid meteor showers include ‘fireballs’ that can last longer than average meteors.