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    The constraints of past are behind us and foundations of future are firmly in place…The Orchestra have sufficiently tuned their instruments; the baton has given the signal. And there is a new symphony in play.’

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    ‘Our relationship is primed for a momentous future. The constraints of the past are behind us.’

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    Although it’s shadow is spreading across the world, terrorism is incubated in India’s neighbourhood…Humanity must speak in one voice. Terrorism must be delegitimized’

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    In every sector of India’s march, I see U.S. as an indispensable partner. Let us work together to convert ideals into practical cooperation

  • 9:19 PM IST

    ‘My dream is to economically empower our billion citizens through many social and economic transformations’

  • 9:13 PM IST

    “Siri tells us that the ancient art of Yoga has over 30 million parctitioners in US. More Americans bend for Yoga, than to throw a curveball. And no, Mr. Speaker, we have not yet claimed intellectual property right on Yoga.”

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  • 9:04 PM IST

    PM Narendra Modi called India and the US are ‘natural allies’.

    He also said that India-US ties are the ‘defining partnership of the 21st century’.
    He said India-US relations have overcome the hestitations of our history and that our conversations are defined by candour today.
  • 9:00 PM IST

    ‘India lives as one, India grows as one, India celebrates as one’, said Modi praising India’s university in diversity.

  • 8:55 PM IST

    Prime Minister Narnedra Modi hailed the sacrifice of Americans to protect democratic ideals and reiterated India’s belief in the shared ideals and beliefs.

Washington, June 8: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver what could truly be called as a historic address at the US House of Representatives here at 8.15 pm (IST). Modi will become the fifth Indian PM to address a joint session of the US Senate, after Rajiv Gandhi, PV Narasimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh. There is palpable excitement about what the PM is going to talk about, as its widely known that the PM is quite the orator. This is why the Indian American community was also vying to get tickets to the visitor’s gallery. Also Read - Give Concrete Solutions, Not Plain Speeches: Congress Slams PM Modi Over His Address to Nation

However, very few Indian Americans could land the tickets for the event, which has been keenly followed by the media in both the countries,as well as the global media as well. The PM is expected to speak about global climate change, terrorism, defence and security cooperation as well as trade and economic relationship between the two countries. The people who were lucky enough to grab the tickets for the visitor’s gallery for the event, are very excited at the prospect of hearing the PM speak before US Sentors. ALSO SEE: LIVE Streaming of Narendra Modi US Congress address: Watch PM Modi speaking to US lawmakers at Capitol Hill Also Read - Anticipating Backlash, BJP Turns Off 'Dislike' Button on YouTube Channel Amid PM Modi's Address to The Nation

Silicon Valley-based investor and entrepreneur MR Rangaswami told International Business Times, “This is a speech, which I would like to watch in person. I do not want to miss it.” Rangaswami has flown down from California to Washington to listen to the speech. The PM is ona diplomatic visit to the US, a part of his five nation tour, which is on its last leg now. Modi met President Barack Obama on Tuesday and will conclude his visit by attending the reception hosted by the House Speaker Paul Ryan. Also Read - Government Working to Ensure Every Citizen Gets COVID-19 Vaccine: PM Modi in Address to Nation