New Delhi, May 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to address the nation shortly with the 20th edition of Mann Ki Baat through All India Radio. This edition is quite important for both PM Modi and the people of India, as it is expected that it he will present his report card of the performance of his government, that took place in the last years.

Here are the updates:

Conclusion: Wrapping the session for the 20th edition of Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi said that people can tune to his programme by just dialling a four digit number — 1922 — and give a miss call to it. With this people will be able to listen to it from anywhere in regional languages. But, before signing off, he repeated that water should be conserved to the future use and utmost care should be taken.




11:30 AM: PM expressed his sadness on the lack medical services in rural services. But said that people can decrease the chances of diseases by keeping the area clean and doing Yoga. He said the on June 21, India is going to celebrate World Yoga Day and people should dedicate some time for Yoga to be fit and fine. He also informed that this year he will be in Chandigarh during the World Yoga Day. ALSO READ: Narendra Modi to address nation in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ today at 11 am IST



11:25 AM: PM expressed his concern on the letter of a class 10 student Gaurav from Madhya Pradesh, who though securing 89.4 per cent was disappointed as people were not encouraging. Same was the case of Santosh Giri Goswami of Jodhpur who expressed his depression after the result. PM Modi said that students should be motivated by the parents and the students should be satisfied with results. Mark sheets do not represent the talent of a person. He also congratulated all the students who passed, but also urged the students to be motivated in life.



  11:20 AM: PM said that it is high time that we need to focus on sports and help in the development of it, but at the same time also respect the fact that sports culture should be maintained. Applauded Sport Minister Sarbananda Sonawal for his initiative to visit a sports academy, even after being busy for the Assam Assembly Elections 2016.  



  11:15 AM: Thanking the media’s role, he said that media played a vital role in addressing the drought crisis. Stressed on the need to improve the services by bringing transparency in the system through POS, cashless initiatives via Bank on Mobile. It is time for technology to replace the old methods of working.


11:10 AM: He said that states fighting with drought have used digital technologies and have started initiates to save water. He urged that the month June, July, August and September, both people and the states need to conserve water so that no one is affected during summers. Urged that to celebrate Diwali with happiness on how much water we saved.


11:00 AM: Starting the speech Prime Minister spoke about the environmental issues and showed his concern on the recent changes in temperature. He spoke about the water conservation and his initiatives to save water.