New Delhi, November 29: In the 14th edition of the Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is back with a lot of hope for the people of India. In the latest edition of the programme, he addressed the nation and showed his concern on a variety of issues, but primarily hi main focus was on the danger of ‘Climate Change’. Addressing the people through the AIR, Modi emphasised on the need to unite together to fight against poverty and get empowered. He also spoke on the profit of Money Monetization scheme and MUDRA. He encouraged the youth to be self sufficient and have a progressive thinking for the development of the nation. Modi appealed to the people that they need to unite against the divisive forces and be alert of any rumours that may cause the felling of divisiveness. (ALSO READ: Live Streaming of Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat: Listen PM Modi’s speech live on All India Radio (AIR) today at 11.00 am IST)Also Read - 'Huge Crowds in Hill Stations Without Wearing Masks a Matter of Concern,' Says PM Modi

11:00 am: PM started his speech with his grief on the natural calamity that took place in Tamil Nadu. He said that it is a very bad time for the people of Tamil Nadu and appealed people to be prepared for all the these natural disasters. He expressed his concern over the earthquake in Northern pert of the country. Also Read - Pakistan City Jacobabad Records World's Highest Temperatures. What it means

11: 10 am: Spoke about the organ donation and said that the government has launched a national registry for the organ donation from November 27. People can register their names in the MyGov Open Forum. He said that the people with disabilities are an inspiration for us. Celebrities have registered their names in the forum and He appealed to all the people to donate the organs so that the haves-not can benefit. On December 3, he said that the world is going to celebrate International Day for Person with Disabilities. Also Read - Warren Buffett Resigns As Trustee Of Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

11: 15 am: Narendra Modi spoke about the ASHA workers and the dedicated people who are working for downtrodden. He said that that the positive energy is the biggest strength of the nation. He appealed to the youth to read the e-book available on Swacch Bharat and the Health sector and share them. He also thanked Microsoft founder and co partner in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for helping the people.

11: 20 am: He expressed his concern over the climate change and said that there is a high need to address the issue. Thanked the NoorJahan and Zee tv for distributing the solar chargers in 500 houses in the villages. He said that we need to address the issue by saving energy. But, also spoke on that the rising temperature is a very big concern, as it creates an imbalance in the natural cycle of the world. (ALSO READ: Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister emphasis on organ donation, cleanliness)

11: 25 am: Modi spoke about the benefits of MUDRA scheme. He emphasised on the motive of three Es — Enterprise, Earning and Empowerment. He said that the policies are for the poor and young energetic people who want to achieve something in life. He shared his views on the success of the MUDRA scheme and said that in just a few months time, 42,000 people have benefited with the scheme.

11: 30 am: Concluding his speech, Modi said that he gave a slogan on the Birth Anniversary Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on October 31, 2015 — Ek Bharat, Shresth Bharat (One India, Great India). He also said that he wanted to make this slogan into a policy and said that for this he needs the support of the support of the people.

Lastly, he said that people need to take care of themselves in the Winter season and need to exercise on a daily basis. This will not only fill energy within them but also make them fell good about themselves.