New Delhi: On May 17 — the date when lockdown 3.0 is supposed to come to an end — India will reach over 50 days under lockdown. Will there be another extension or will it be finally over? This is one question lurking. There is no definite answer, but according to experts, India is supposed to overcome 97% of the threat by May end. So, in all likelihood, this could be the last extension of the lockdown. But it is unlikely, that all states will come out of the lockdown on May 18. It will happen in a staggered manner, the way it has been happening. The country will come out of the lockdown zone-wise. Also Read - Virtual Rallies, Conferences: This is How BJP Plans to Celebrate First Anniversary of Modi Govt 2.0

According to researchers in Singapore, Covid-19 will end in India around May 21-22. At least, infections will be down by 97 per cent compared to April 20. According to the mathematical model, India will be able to cure 99 per cent of Covid-19 cases by June 1, and by July 26, the novel coronavirus will be eliminated. Also Read - On First Day of Last Week of Lockdown 4.0, India Reopens Its Skies; Highest Single-Day Spike of 6,977 Recorded | 10 Points

But life post-lockdown won’t be the same. As the Centre unveiled its plan for lockdown 3.0 and allowed some relaxations, with social distancing and several curbs being placed on public transport, it implies that the lifting of lockdown is not going exactly going back to how it was, not al all. Also Read - Uttar Pradesh News: State Govt Releases 2257 Convicts on Parole For 8 Weeks to Decongest jails

Additionally, the threat now is to ensure that the green zones — the model of lockdown exit — don’t import cases from outside, while the orange zones should gradually move to the green zones and red zones should move to orange zones.