New Delhi: Putting all speculations over lockdown 4.0 to rest, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his third address (excluding two video speeches) to the nation confirmed that the 4th phase of lockdown is sure to come, but it will be very different from the previous three phases. In his interaction with the CMs on Monday, PM Modi has hinted the same and said that measures required for phase one lockdown were not required in phase two, and it went on. Also Read - 'This is What a Failed Lockdown Looks Like', Rahul Gandhi Ups Ante Against Govt Over COVID-19 Crisis

In his speech on Tuesday, PM Modi said that lockdown 4.0 will be very different from lockdown 1, 2 or 3. Also Read - World Environment Day: 'Reiterate Pledge to Save Our Planet's Rich Biodiversity', Says PM Modi

Let’s first have a look at the three phases of the lockdowns Also Read - Ladakh Standoff: These Masterstrokes of PM Modi Frighten China

1. Lockdown 1.0: From March 25 to April 14
A complete lockdown of all transport, movement. Only essential items were allowed.

2. Lockdown 2.0: From April 15 to May 3
An extension of the same as the number of cases were on the rise. From April 20, agricultural works were given a go-ahead. Several industries started operating.

3. Lockdown 3.0: From May 3 to May 17
The country was mapped into three zones: red, orange, green based on the number of cases. Several activities were allowed in green and orange zones.

4. Lockdown 4.0: From May 18 to probably month end

It is likely that public transport will resume depending on the situation of the states. The responsibility will be on the state governments to decide whether they want to start movement or not.

A. Passenger railway service has already started. So, this will continue.
B. Metro and domestic air travel are likely to start with social distancing, lower capacity etc.
C. Industries will start functioning in the full swing.
D. Borders are likely to open, but that would depend on the respective state governments.
E. It’s however unlikely that shopping malls would open in this phase as well.