Lockdown Extension Latest News: As several states and district administrations have announced lockdown or extended the ongoing lockdown in an intermittent way, indications are that such short-term lockdown, imposed on the basis of necessity, will become the new normal in the coming days. From July 1, India officially entered in the second phase of unlocking in which borders have opened, domestic flights are functioning and shops, shopping malls and started normal functioning — not in the containment zones. Going forward, this will become a model of limping back to normalcy — unlocking and lockdown going hand-in-hand on the basis of need. Also Read - Are State Borders Open From August 1? Are Weekend Lockdowns Withdrawn? FAQ Answered

Here are the reasons why these lockdown measures are not just short-term measured. They may be reimposed again. Also Read - Tamil Nadu Lockdown Extended: Statewide Shutdown Till August 31, Total Lockdown on All Sundays

1. Not much effective but: According to experts, a two-day lockdown is not much effective as those who might be infected can go out after two days and still infect others. Two days are not enough to break the chain. But two days breaks are enough to stall a wave of fresh cases in a particular area. So this is a short-term strategy which stalls infections at least by a few days. Also Read - Unlock 3: Restrictions Relax But Maximum People Not in Favour of Going Out, Reveals Survey

2. More focus on containment zones: These short lockdowns are allowing the administration to focus more on containment zones. In some states, the lockdown extensions are only in the containment zones — not everywhere.

3. Sanitising: Markets, malls, temples — any public place — that has been opened following the norms of Unlock 2.0 can be sanitised during these short lockdowns.

4. Striking a balance in economic activities: While a full lockdown will throw a spanner in the economic activities, a full withdrawal of the lockdown will multiply the chances of fresh infections manifold. Hence, the way forward is to function on an odd-even basis, or only on weekdays.

5. Stock-Taking: These mini lockdowns are also providing the administration adequate time to take stock of the COVID-19 situation of a particular area.