New Delhi: Reports of one Bihar leader after another commenting on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s entry into active politics had the RJD reacted sharply on Friday. Attacking Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over the sexist comments by Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi and then BJP leader Vinod Narayan Jha, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said, “Nitish Kumar Ji is running an institute where he trains to abuse and make excuses. His Cabinet Ministers and spokespersons are trained there.”

“Priyanka Gandhi is very beautiful, but has no other talent that I can see, neither does she have the political experience,” Jha was quoted as saying by ANI.

“She must be 37-38, or maybe older, 44. Till this age, she has no political achievement. Yes, she is good-looking, God has given her that. But how much can she exploit that,” the minister was quoted as saying.

Jha isn’t the first leader to target Priyanka ever since she was inducted in the Congress as general secretary in charge of the party’s campaign in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi, also a senior BJP leader, said the Congress was feeling happy “over the induction of a woman with a tainted life partner”. He also spoke about Priyanka’s resemblance with her grandmother and former prime minister Indira Gandhi.

“If a person could become as capable as someone else merely by resembling him or her, by now we would have had many more Virat Kohlis and Amitabh Bachchans. Duplicates do not work in politics. Priyanka might resemble Indira Gandhi, but there is a big difference,” Modi had tweeted.

“Priyanka’s businessman husband’s irregular land transactions are spread across two states and he is facing probes. If the Congress wants to exult over the induction of a woman with a tainted life partner, it is most welcome to do so,” he added.