New Delhi: Ahead of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday sought ‘direct feedback’  from citizens via a survey launched on his “Narendra Modi or NaMo” app. The detailed survey,  spread across nine tabs asks people to rate the government, local BJP leaders and if they think the ‘mahagatbandhan‘ (grand alliance) will work in their area.

In a video appeal posted on social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, PM Modi says,”I want your direct feedback through the survey on the NaMo app. Your feedback matters. Your feedback on various issues will help us take important decisions.” (Kejriwal Won’t Contest Lok Sabha Polls as he Wants to Give Special Focus to His State: Sanjay Singh)

“Will you all fill that survey and also urge others to do so,” the prime minister asks.

Speaking about the survey, ruling party leader said that the comments will be analysed carefully and will help the party not only in determining the issues but will also play a vital role in selection of candidates for the Lok Sabha elections. Reports claimed that BJP may drop the parliamentarians who will get poor ratings in the survey.

The survey begins by asking respondents to rate the government on various promises like – affordable health care, “farmer prosperity”, corruption-free governance, Swachh Bharat, national security, economy, infrastructure creation, uplifting the poor and marginalised, job opportunities and rural electrification.

Other questions are:

1. Which of the following issues is prime consideration when you are voting – cleanliness, employment, education, law and order, price rise, corruption, farmer welfare.

2. Name three most popular BJP leaders in your constituency.

3. Do you think the working culture of the government of India is improving? (‘yes’ or ‘no’ question)

4. Are you feeling more optimistic than before about India’s future?

5. Do you see any impact of the proposed mahagatbandhan in your constituency?

6. Will you be interested in volunteering for the BJP?

7. Have you donated to the BJP?

8. Have you got NaMo merchandise?