Kolkata: Trinamool Congress parliamentarian Saumitra Khan on Wednesday quit the party to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Khan is the first Lok Sabha MP to leave the party.

Khan, who joined the party at a press conference following a meeting with its president Amit Shah, represents Bishnupur in the Lok Sabha and was earlier a member of the state assembly as well.

Saumitra Khan along with another Lok Sabha MP Anupam Hazra from Bolpur seat were expelled by Trinamool Congress for “anti-party activities”, a report said.

Saumitra Khan told a leading portal, “The law and order situation of Bengal is deteriorating day-by-day and Trinamool Congress is supporting goondas. Everyday we get reports of murders and bombings from across the state. Polls in the rest of the country are held peacefully without a single incident of killing. But in Bengal even during the panchayat polls, dozens of people are killed,” alleged Khan, when asked for the reasons for leaving Trinamool Congress.”