New Delhi: On one hand the Assam government excluded another 102,462 people from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) on Wednesday, and on the other released a 59-year-old woman from detention after three years, terming it a case of ‘mistaken identity’. Also Read - Assam Becomes First State To Add ‘Transgender’ as Gender Option in Exam Application

Madhubala Mondal was on June 26, set free from the Kokrajhar detention centre, where she had been held for wrongfully for the past three years. Also Read - JEE Scam: Assam Police Arrests Candidate For Using Proxy To Appear in Exam

The border branch of Assam Police, which is responsible for identifying foreigners in the state, admitted a lapse in this case. Also Read - Assam Artist Creates Durga Idol With Expired Medicines, Injection Vials

An NDTV report read that the Assam Police personnel hauled up the wrong person after they reached Bishnupur village and learned that the woman, Madhubala Das, who they came in search for, has passed away. In a panic, reportedly, they arrested Madhumala Mondal instead.

For three years Madhubala was kept in the detention centre, only to be released on Wednesday with an apology.

According to reports, the 59-year-old Madhubala could not challenge her arrest then since she was illiterate and very poor, and intimidated by the strong case made against her.

Before her arrest, Madhubala was the sole breadwinner of her family and lived with her deaf and dumb daughter, who was abandoned by her husband.

It was only after some social workers got to know her case that an investigation was ordered and subsequently after three years Madhubala was released.

Earlier this month, Kargil veteran and retired Army Subedar Mohammed Sanaullah was also released from the detention centre in Guwahati after he was wrongly declared as a foreigner by the Foreigners Tribunal in Assam’s Kamrup.

He was released a day after the Guwahati High Court ordered his interim release with a condition of Rs 20,000 bail bond and two local sureties.