New Delhi: The local municipal corporation of Lucknow has decided to provide employment opportunities to beggars on the basis of their educational qualifications, stated news agency ANI on Sunday.

Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) Commissioner Indra Mani Tripathi stated, “Based on their educational qualifications, beggars will be given employment. We will also try to rehabilitate street children.”

This decision has been taken in order to rehabilitate beggars and improve the ease of their life. Tripathi added, “Physically handicapped beggars will be put in the shelter homes and the able-bodied ones will be assigned civic duties.” The LMC commissioner also said that the civic body was conducting a spot survey in the city. The purpose of the survey was to collect the details of the homeless people and compile the same in a matter of two to three days, he added.

Moreover, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had recently directed the LMC to identify beggars in the state capital and move them to shelter homes. This is a part of the pilot project aimed at the rehabilitation of the destitute. As per the project, these beggars will be assigned work on a daily basis such as sanitation work and door-to-door garbage collection. LMC’s Tripathi noted, “The duties given to beggars will include collecting user charges for door-to-door garbage collection from the households in the city. Some of them will be assigned to do daily sanitation work as well.”

Commenting on this initiative, an LMC worker named Navin Sahu said, “We are collecting all details from the beggars. Few people have come forward and volunteered to enrol themselves in the drive. A report will be prepared and sent to the top authorities for further action.

(With inputs from ANI)