New Delhi: Ahead of the lunar eclipse 2020 on Friday, an astrologer on Twitter has predicted that this eclipse will make people furious. “Unrest among normal people will rise, making them angrier across the world until April. Coastal areas will also see a tough phase in this time period,” astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra tweeted. However, Japan will be worst-hit by the eclipse, said the astrologer. Also Read - Lunar Eclipse 2020 Today: Know India Timings, Duration, Precautions for Chandra Grahan

This is the same astrologer who predicted the timeline of Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict. However, his recent prediction of Devendra Fadnavis becoming the CM of Maharashtra went wrong. He has also predicted that ‘Delhi will slip out of Kejriwal’s hand’. Also Read - Why Lunar Eclipse 2020 is Called Wolf Moon Eclipse | Dos and Don'ts

Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe will be able to witness the astronomical wonder as the earth will block some of the sunlight from reach the moon and only the outer shadow (the penumbra) will fall on the moon. Meanwhile, today is also a full moon day.

Where can you see it

Due to clouds, cold weather, rain and snowfall, the penumbral lunar eclipse will not be visible much in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and other northern states of India. However, people living in southern India will be able to view it better.

Time in India and Duration

The eclipse will begin at 10.37 pm on January 10 and will end around 2.42 am on January 11. The full visual impact of the Chandra Grahan could be seen at around 12:41 am. During this time almost 90 per cent of the moon will be covered by the partial shadow region of the Earth.

The total duration of the Lunar Eclipse would be 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Next Lunar Eclipse

After January 10, the next three penumbral lunar eclipses of the year will take place on June 5, July 5 and November 30.